Who we Are

FeedMe, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization registered in the state of Maryland, U.S.A. It was formed by two sisters, Catherine Kioi and Angelikka Gitau, who saw that there was a need to feed children in developing countries in order to help them grow into healthy adults who would in turn give back to their communities, thus breaking their cycle of poverty.

Catherine and Angelikka both grew up in Nairobi, Kenya where they witnessed a lot of homeless children walking the streets begging for food. Others who lived in the slums and rural areas were able to attend school because education is free, but their parents did not have enough money to pay for their meals so the children went to class hungry all day, with most of them only eating one meal a day at night. Sometimes some of these kids opt to drop out of school and go beg for food in the streets.

It is our hope that by providing free lunches in schools we can encourage the children to stay in school and focus on learning, so that they can graduate and go to college or get jobs that would help them give back to their communities. Our main goal is not just to feed the children, but also to teach them to be responsible and caring members of society who can in turn assist other members of their community and thus end their cycle of poverty.

Catherine Kioi


Angelikka Gitau



To feed, educate and empower the needy in order to break their cycle of poverty.


Our vision is to provide free meals to all children in need that attend Primary school, allowing them to get the proper nutrition they deserve to develop into healthy individuals. Long term goals include providing breakfast, uniforms, school supplies, and scholarships to High Schools or Technical schools. In addition, we plan to provide volunteer positions at FeedMe, Inc. for the older children to learn skills that they can use to give back to their communities in the future.

Our Why

When children go to school hungry, they are unable to focus on what the teacher is teaching and hence they are unable to learn at their highest potential. Our goal is to make sure each child who attends school is ensured a hot nutritious meal, so that their main focus in class will be to learn.

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